What is a Custom Window Shape or Picture Window?

Custom specialty shape windows or picture windows are also referred to as fixed windows; windows that do not open. A fixed window is often used to maximize your view and the amount of light coming through, or to create a specific design or architectural dimension that expresses your style.  These types of windows come in a variety of geometric shapes and sizes to express the individuality of you and your home.

Where are Custom Specialty Shape Windows Most Commonly Used?

Custom specialty shape windows are ideal for areas that don’t need ventilation, that offer views of the outside or where light is desired.Places such as staircases or at the top of a room with a cathedral ceiling are a common place for custom windows.  Any window provides a glimpse to the outside world, but a picture window brings the outside into your home by providing an unobstructed view of your surroundings. The sky is truly the limit with a fixed window.

The DuraVu Difference.

DuraVu custom specialty shape or picture windows by VWD are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with endless design possibilities. Geometric shapes, elegant arches, striking angles, compelling curves and more you can be created for the ideal design for you and your home. With our wide range of interior and exterior colours, and decorative grill and molding options, you can design a window to match anything.  Energy Star approved, our picture windows are engineered for beauty and energy efficient.

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Custom window designs
Custom window designs