Windows makes up a big part of your home design.  Choosing the right window design to complement and beautify your home is an important consideration whether building a new home, or replacing existing windows.  New windows can instantly increase your home’s value and comfort, while boosting its exterior and interior appeal.

There are many design options to choose.  Here a few popular window designs to consider.

Window Design Features:

  • Grills and SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites – applied on both exterior and interior glass or just the exterior) design options available on most windows can be configured for a classic traditional look, or a contemporary modern design.  Grills come in variety of colours and styles.
replacing windows in old homes
  • Window Frame Colour is available on both the exterior and interior frame.  Colour can be used to match or contrast the design of your home. While white frame windows are most versatile, colour can be custom matched to your specifications. Wood grain options on interior frames can bring out a traditional look.
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  • Blinds Between the Glass & Roll Away Screens are available that give your window design a clean look while offering privacy and convenience.

Types of Windows:

  • Casement Windows: Hinged on one side, these windows open like a door, usually outward. They are easy to open and allow side breezes in.  When closed they form a tight seal preventing drafts. Consider the direction of the breeze when orienting these types of windows. Casement windows blend well with many different home designs. Offering a large glass area, Casement Windows provide unobstructed views and let more natural light in.
  • Awning Windows: Similar to casement windows, awning windows have a hinge on the top rather than the side. They open outward forming a ’canopy’ over the opening to allow maximum air flow from any direction, while preventing debris and weather elements like rain from entering your home.  They make for an intriguing exterior design and accent especially when used in conjunction with a picture window.
  • Bay and Bow Windows:  A bay window features a large central window surrounded by two angled casement or hung windows. Bow windows have 4 or more four windows integrated into a curved design. These types windows can make your room feel bigger as they extend beyond the exterior wall.  They’re ideal for reading nooks and sunny sitting areas that let in lots of natural light.
bay windows
  • Hung Windows: Whether single or double hung these are windows are some of the all-time, most popular window designs.  The bottom sash or both bottom and top sashes slide up and down, and are quick and simple to adjust to allow just the right amount of air flow.  The sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning. Hung windows give a home a traditional look that is still trendy today
  • Sliding Windows: A sliding window has one or two horizontal sashes that slide from side to side on a track. These windows are simple to operate and can swing in and be removed to allow for easy cleaning.  The sliding sashes let in optimal amount of fresh air.  Sliding windows are a great value and give a vintage look that is still modern.
  • Picture Windows: Also known as a fixed glass window, has no moving parts; the glass is permanently fixed in place and does not open. This type of window is minimalism at its best. A big picture window is a picture-perfect design to frame your views, letting the outside in without any obstructions. Picture windows can be specialty made in geometric shapes like half-rounds, circles and triangles.
Custom window designs

Finding the right window design can be a fun and rewarding experience.  So, be creative and show off your home’s most prominent feature – its windows.