What type of window frame should I choose?

Now that you’re considering replacing your old windows the options of available materials is an important part of selecting the right type for you. Window frames come in a variety of materials:

Wood windows

Although beautiful, they are costly and are prone to swelling and rotting, and requires regular maintenance to maintain its appeal.  Although aluminum or vinyl cladding may reduce maintenance requirements but this could detract from ascetic quality.

Aluminum windows

While low maintenance, tend to oxidize and can form condensation or frost inside the window when it is cold outside. Aluminum conducts heat very rapidly, which makes them a poor insulating material, so may not be the best choice for energy efficiency.  Aluminum windows can also be expensive.

Fiberglass windows

 Are durable but need to be painted, can chip over time and are the most expensive window type.

Vinyl windows

Are strong, durable, versatile and maintenance free. They are very affordable being lower in cost than wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Replacement vinyl windows resist fading and scratching. Made from uPVC, vinyl windows have good insulating properties due to the multi-chamber extrusion design, especially when filled with insulating foam.

The DuraVu Difference

DuraVu’s new vinyl window collection is a great choice for design, strength, durability, energy efficiency and exceptional value. Made from premium virgin vinyl powder, using unplasticized PVC, or uPVC, it is significantly stronger and impact resistant (8 times more) than plasticized PVC with one eighth the expansion and contraction potential. Constructed using aluminum reinforced, Fusion Welded multi-chamber frames, performance is never compromised and with foam insulated chambers energy efficiency is optimized.  The versatility of our window frame allows you to choose the style of window to meet your specific needs.  Available in 78 colours to complement your home.  And if you prefer the look of wood, but don’t want the upkeep, we offer a woodgrain vinyl laminate option that looks like real wood. DuraVu windows are ENERGY STAR® approved for energy efficiency that saves you money.

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