Spring is here! Sunshine, flowers and spring cleaning.

It’s time to spruce up, clean up and get the house in order for spring. If you want to get sparkling clean windows to enjoy your spring view start by dusting, brushing away or vacuuming the sills, groves, tracks and sashes. When your windows are clean of dust and debris, try these 5 tips from Chatelaine:

  1. Use good old-fashioned soap & water to break down dirt & build up.
  2. Add vinegar to your soap and water solution to help reduce streaks.
  3. From the top of the window work your way down in an “S” pattern.
  4. Wash your windows on an overcast day to prevent them from drying too quickly and leaving streaks.
  5. Wash your windows at least twice (or more) a year.

Remember, never use petroleum-based cleaners, abrasive or acidic cleaners, caustic chemicals, razor blades, putty knifes, abrasive pads or high-pressure water hoses on any part of the window or frame as they can cause damage.