As I sit with my hot coffee peering out the window, the weather looks chilling – blowing wind and frigid temperatures. This may seem like an odd time to be considering new replacement windows and doors, but it’s one of the best times.  Why?  For starters who wants to sit by a cold and drafty window?  And, who wants to waste money on high heating bills that literally go out the window?

Winter can be one on the best times of the year to replace your old inefficient and drafty windows and doors with new, energy efficient windows and doors.  Here’s why:

  • Save Money – In general, winter is a slower time for construction trades and related manufacturers. As a result, window and door winter sales promotions can offer significant savings for you.
  • Lower Energy Costs – During winter you really feel the drafts and air leakages from your old windows and doors, causing your furnace to work overtime. Your energy bills for heating your home during winter can increase substantially.  Keep the heat in and the cold out with new energy efficient windows and doors for immediate energy cost savings.
  • Faster Installation – Since winter is typically slower, your order for new windows and doors can be manufactured sooner and installation crews have more scheduling flexibility. From quote to completion, your job can be done in a shorter period of time – so you can enjoy the comfort of sipping your coffee by your new energy efficient windows and lower heating bills sooner.

Sometimes we get asked, “Is it possible to install new windows and doors during the winter?” The answer is a definite, yes. There a few things that we do differently though to ensure a safe, quick and quality installation:

  • Minimize Heat Loss – We do as much preparation work as possible before a window or door is removed. To ensure we protect your home from heat loss we work on one window at a time.  As one window is removed the new replacement window is installed immediately and foam insulated upon proper fit.  All room doors are closed and if possible a barrier put up to enclose exposed rooms.
  • Protect the Home – as always, we strive to protect your home during installation. In the winter, we’ll clear snow to create passage ways to your windows and doors.  Thick runners are laid down to protect your floors. And installers wear special protective booties while in your home.
  • Material Handling – Installation materials are kept at a constant temperature by using the work trailer as a heating hut. Foam, caulk and other materials are maintained at the right conditions and special low temperature materials are used when needed.

Winter can be an ideal time to replace your old windows and doors with new energy efficient windows and doors to realize significant cost savings and quicker installation times.  Regardless of when you replace your windows and doors, we encourage our customers to shop around and make an informed decision based on your unique needs to get the best value for your money.