What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are comprised of three windows of varying sizes that extent from the exterior of the house. The typical bay window configuration will have a large fixed window in the center flanked by two smaller operating windows – such as casement windows. The two smaller windows, or flankers, are angled away from the wall at 25 to 45 degrees. The advantage of a bay window is the unobstructed view provided by the large center window, while the sides provide ventilation.

What is a Bow Window?

A bow window is made up of three to six windows (five is common) that are of equal size and shape that extend from the exterior of the house forming a curved structure.  All can be stationary, operating or any combination and are hung at varying degrees protruding outside the wall to form an arch.  Very similar to bay windows, bow windows extend the view and can create the perfect nook in a living room, sitting room or bedroom.

What’s the Difference? Bow and Bay Window Options

At first glance, bow and bay windows look pretty similar. Both window styles help open a room to give the appearance of more space and allow more light to filter in.  Bay windows typically extend farther out from the wall and are more angular.  Bow windows are more curved to form an arch. Both are stunning designs that become a focal point for a room.

Bay and Bow windows are more extensive replacement projects, especially if building this type of window from scratch where there wasn’t one before. One of the main reasons bay and bow window projects are more complicated is because they protrude beyond the exterior wall requiring structural support.  Since they extend beyond the exterior wall, in some cases existing bay and bow windows may incur moisture damage to the framing.  Assessing the situation and providing accurate cost estimates for these types of windows may not be possible until the old windows are removed. Contact us today to discuss your options for replacement bay windows or bow windows.

Where are Bay and Bow Windows Most Commonly Used?

Bay and bow windows are typically used where an unobstructed view that lets in a maximum amount of light is prized.  Living rooms, sitting and kitchen dining areas are just some of the room bay and bow windows are used. They can be used to create a stylish and dramatic focal point, or a cozy nook in a favorite room of your home.

The DuraVu Difference.

DuraVu bow and bay vinyl window collection by VWD elegantly combine function with beauty.  The versatility of our window frame allows you to choose the style of window to meet your specific needs.  Be assured of the strength and durability of our bay and bow windows constructed using reinforced and Fusion Welded multi-chamber insulated frames and sashes.  Select either a bay or bow window with casement or double-hung window style, and then choose from our extensive colours and custom options to create the perfect bow or bay window to express your style.

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