Single Sliding Window

Single Sliding Window

What is a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows are often referred to as a slider or gliding window. Sliding windows have sashes that slide horizontally in either direction (right or left) in a single frame and lift out for easy cleaning. A two-lite sliding window has two independent sashes that slide horizontally for ventilation and ease of cleaning. Another common configuration, the three-lite sliding window, also has two independent sashes on either side of a fixed center sash. Additionally, some sliders can tilt for easy cleaning and maintenance

Where are Sliding Windows Most Commonly Used?

Gliding, or sliding windows, are typically found in rooms where an unobstructed view is desired or where maximum ventilation is needed. And because the sash does not open outward they are a great choice for rooms that face walkways, porches to decks. Replacement slider windows are also common in spaces where it may be difficult to reach to lift or close the window such as above a kitchen sink or behind a garden or soaking tub.

The DuraVu Difference.

DuraVu vinyl sliding windows by VWD have a clean and elegant look with slim vertical lines for a picturesque view.   Sliders are available in a variety of configurations including tilt and lift out sliders.  The strong insulated multi-chamber, Fusion Welded frame and sash creates an energy efficient, fully sealed unit to prevent potential air and water penetration through the frame and sash corners.  Heavy-duty cam locks combined with Double Neoprene Bulbs compression style seals ensure a secure and tight seal when closed.  Engineered with build in water management and hinged drain covers allow for quick water management to the outside. The Integral Pull Rail and Recessed Tilt Latches are designed for a lifetime of easy operation and removal for cleaning, while maintaining an attractive slight line.  For tilt models, the Quick Lock Shoe allows for secure locking of the sash.

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