Fall Window & Door Preparation To Get Your Home Winter Ready

Fall is a beautiful time of year.  Cooler weather is welcome after a long, hot summer. Trees magically change colour and are ablaze in reds, yellows and oranges; simply spectacular.  But winter is just around the corner!  Before winter arrives, check your home’s windows and doors to be cold weather ready.

Windows Are an Important Part of Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Your home’s windows can account for 25% to 30% of heat gain (in the summer) and heat loss (in the winter) of residential heating and cooling energy use! Not only do poor performing windows make your home less comfortable, they waste money in energy costs.

You can help minimize your energy loss and improve your comfort in two ways:

  • Maintain your windows and doors
  • Replace inefficient windows and doors

Maintaining Your Windows for Improved Efficiency

Inspect your windows and doors to determine if they are damaged, faulty or simply old and not performing efficiently.  If you determine your windows are in good condition, here are several things you can do to improve the efficiency of your existing windows:

  • Check existing windows for air leaks and damage
  • Fix or replace damaged windows and doors
  • Caulk and weatherstrip windows and doors
  • Add energy efficient window coverings. 
  • Add storm windows or panels, or even add solar control film
  • Add exterior shading, such as awnings, exterior blinds

With any efficiency improvements, take steps to ensure proper installation, and check your work for air leaks after making your improvements.

While winterizing windows and doors can help, it may not provide the benefits that new, energy efficient windows and doors can provide. 

Window and Door Replacement – What to Look For

To improve your comfort and energy savings, choose windows and doors designed with the latest technology that meets rigorous technical standards; and include quality installation for optimal results.  Energy efficient windows and doors are designed to provide year-round performance that saves you money, and makes your home more comfortable; and improves the curb appeal and value of your home.  Here’s what to look for when selecting new windows:

  • Frame types – look for insulated frames with fusion welded joints
  • Glass type and coatings – triple pane and low-e glass coatings
  • Gas fills and spacers
  • Window operation types
  • Look for ENERGY STAR® and NFRC label
  • Low U-factor and low solar heat gain coefficient to maximize energy savings for climates with both hot and cold seasons 

Don’t Forget About Installation

Even the most energy-efficient windows and doors must be properly installed to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort.  Have your windows installed by trained professionals.  If possible, choose a company that is in the Window Wise certification program. This quality assurance program trains installers to install windows and doors correctly.

Maximize Your Investment – Look for Subsidies

Local utilities and government subsidy programs can help off-set costs and make your investment more cost efficient. 

Experience the DuraVu Difference

At DuraVu, we provide free in-home consultation and estimates to help you make the right decision in selecting replacement windows and doors.  We offer a large selection of quality, ENERGY STAR windows and doors, professionally installed by our Window Wise certified installers.  DuraVu stands behind its products and workmanship with lifetime window and installation warranty.  We’re also proud to be named a Best Three Rated window company for three years in a row.  

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