When Should I Buy New Windows?

There are good reasons to consider new windows.  The most obvious is that your old windows are drafty and energy inefficient making your home uncomfortable and increasing your home energy costs. Your old windows may also be broken and worn out and in need of replacement. 

However, increasingly windows are being replaced to improve the look and cosmetic appeal of the house.  New windows can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home, both on the inside and the outside. New windows can improve curb appeal — an important element when you sell a home or for when you want to renovate and settle into your neighbourhood. From the inside, new windows can dramatically improve the look of a room, and view of the outside.

Often, the motivation to replace old windows is to address rising energy costs. Quality, modern windows that are Energy Star rated are packed with technologies that lower heating and cooling costs. From low-e coating and argon gas to special spacer bars and highly insulating options, like foam insulated frames, window technologies can provide savings you’ll notice, especially if you’re replacing very old windows.

New window styles, colours and characteristics are also another reason to replace old windows – you may not like you’re the style and colour of your current windows! You may want more glass and less frame to enhance your view. Maybe your windows pull up (hung windows) when you’d rather have them open like a door or an awning (casement and awning style windows). Perhaps you’d like blinds in-between the panes of glass or screens that roll-up instead of clipping in. Or, you want a different colour not just on the outside, but the inside, too. Replacing old windows lets you get exactly the look and features you want.

Upgrading your old windows will help save you money in energy costs, and improve the comfort, appeal and value of your home.